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    Real Marble Nail Art Tutorial (With a Stamper)

    White Marble Nail Art Tutorial

    Did you hear? Minimalism and marble are totally in right now and, let me tell you… I’ve been comfortably seated on that bandwagon for a while!

    I spent a while last year trying to figure out a way to create the marble effect on nails that was simple, didn’t require too many tools and wasn’t freehanding. Of course, marble is one of mother nature’s creations so I had in mind something that didn’t look too thought out; a little messy and unpredictable but with that certain understated elegance. Eventually I found this solution using nothing but a nail stamper, a smooth surface, and a toothpick. Read more

    Nail Art, Studs, Tutorial

    Quilted Nail Art Tutorial

    Quilted Nail Art Tutorial by The Nailasaurus
    I got my hands on Adobe Premiere over the weekend and spent the better part of Sunday getting to grips with it. I’ve been itching to get some more professional software for a while and there’s a lot for me to learn but I’m excited to start making videos (slightly) more regularly and actually having them turn out the way I envision them.

    I learn best by jumping in so I went right ahead and filmed a quick tutorial for a quilted nail art look that I’ve seen floating about. This is only my second time trying the technique so I’m still learning too. I can spot a few bald patches where I went in too hard with the pin but you can learn from my mistakes! Make sure your polish is dry enough before you start making dents in it. I certainly will next time. Read more

    31 Day Challenge, Nail Art, Tutorial

    31DC2015: Half Moons with a Tutorial

    My 31 Day Challenge has taken on a schedule of its own, but I haven’t given up! I’m lagging way behind everyone else and I don’t think this is going to be a tortoise and the hare situation – it’ll be a leisurely stroll towards the finish line. Just to give you an idea of how behind I am, Half Moons is the prompt for Day 18 and today is September 27th. Whoops! Read more

    Gradient, Nail Art, Stamping, Tutorial, Video

    Video: Gradient Nail Art Stamping Tutorial

    Gradient Stamping Tutorial | The Nailasaurus

    In between running a mountain of errands and hanging out with my dog this weekend, I managed to squeeze in a video tutorial. I’ve been putting it off for a while (like 3 months, a while) but suddenly had a surge of determination to just get it done. I wish my brain worked this way all the time. And while I’m making wishes, if the weekend could be twice as long that would be nice too! Read more