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    Apply Glitter Nail Polish Evenly Every Time with The Glitter Trick


    Glitter polish is pretty as heck but it comes with its own very unique set of downsides which, depending on your commitment to the glitter cause, can often outweigh its prettiness. We’ve already solved the dilemma of removing it which was once the main deterrent. The market is flooded with peel off base coats, and you can even make your own. Failing that, there’s always the foil removal method but nobody bothers with that anymore… just get yourself a peel off base coat! Read more

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    Barry M Coconut Infusion Collection: Video Swatches


    Watch the video below for full swatches of the Barry M Coconut Infusion Collection

    Barry M’s Coconut Infusion Collection is a new range of 9 polishes ‘infused with Coconut Water and Coconut Oil’ which supposedly care for your nails while they look pretty too!

    While I haven’t worn these consistently enough to report on whether they made a difference to my nail health, I do like the range of colours and think it’s a great release for Summer.

    Read more

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    Real Marble Nail Art Tutorial (With a Stamper)

    White Marble Nail Art Tutorial

    Did you hear? Minimalism and marble are totally in right now and, let me tell you… I’ve been comfortably seated on that bandwagon for a while!

    I spent a while last year trying to figure out a way to create the marble effect on nails that was simple, didn’t require too many tools and wasn’t freehanding. Of course, marble is one of mother nature’s creations so I had in mind something that didn’t look too thought out; a little messy and unpredictable but with that certain understated elegance. Eventually I found this solution using nothing but a nail stamper, a smooth surface, and a toothpick. Read more

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    OPI New Orleans Collection | Video Swatches

    OPI New Orleans Collection Swatches

    OPI’s Spring/Summer 2016 offering, the New Orleans Collection, has been on shelves for a little while now and the polishes have been sat in a box at home for a while waiting for me to swatch them. I fixed my ring light this weekend which really put me in the mood to film something, so I figured I’d try something I’ve never done before – a swatch video to show the colours in action. There’s no talking, no messing around, just 2 straight minutes of pretty colours and super-satisfying nail painting up close! I have also ‘properly’ swatched and photographed my favourites but I’m saving them to put up on Instagram (@thesammersaurus.) Read more

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    Video: Gradient Nail Art Stamping Tutorial

    Gradient Stamping Tutorial | The Nailasaurus

    In between running a mountain of errands and hanging out with my dog this weekend, I managed to squeeze in a video tutorial. I’ve been putting it off for a while (like 3 months, a while) but suddenly had a surge of determination to just get it done. I wish my brain worked this way all the time. And while I’m making wishes, if the weekend could be twice as long that would be nice too! Read more