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    The Glitter Tears Nail Art ‘Trend’

    I’ve seen a few publications writing about ‘Glitter Tears Nail Art’ as if it were a new trend making the rounds. I just wanted to go on record to set things straight – nail artists were doing it long before Glitter Tears were a thing. No shade… just giving credit where it’s due! Read more

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    Art Deco Inspo: New Year’s Nail Art

    It’s nearly time to wave goodbye to 2016 and I know a lot of us will be happy to see it go. On the whole, it really does seem like 2016 was a pretty terrible year but perhaps that’s because I live in the same pop culture as everyone else on Twitter and I just got sucked into it all. Whatever your thoughts on the last 12 months, I hope everyone is rounding off the year with fun festivities and killer nails! Read more


    Freebies: Macro Glitter Nail Polish Wallpapers


    Is it obvious that I’m neck deep in a glitter obsession at the moment? Having recently sorted through and downsized my stash, I’ve re-discovered a lot of polishes that I kind of forget I owned. One entire drawer in my Helmer is devoted to glitter polishes and there’s even a display case for the extra special ones. But I must admit, I hardly ever make an effort to rifle through and find something to wear.

    I’ll probably go back to my usual glitter-neglecting self soon enough, so I took this chance to immortalise a few of them as wallpapers. These are already on my computer, phone and work computer and figured you guys might like them too! Read more

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    Apply Glitter Nail Polish Evenly Every Time with The Glitter Trick


    Glitter polish is pretty as heck but it comes with its own very unique set of downsides which, depending on your commitment to the glitter cause, can often outweigh its prettiness. We’ve already solved the dilemma of removing it which was once the main deterrent. The market is flooded with peel off base coats, and you can even make your own. Failing that, there’s always the foil removal method but nobody bothers with that anymore… just get yourself a peel off base coat! Read more

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    31DC2015: Ornate Nails

    piCture pOlish Ornate with Stamping Nail Art

    I’m jumping right back in to the 31 Day Challenge where I left off and Day 21 calls for nails Inspired by a Color. The themes are very open to interpretation from today onwards so for this particular prompt, I normally try to pull inspiration from the name of a nail polish.

    The one that caught me is a new collaboration shade from piCture pOlish and A Lacquered Affair (read Lauretta’s inspiration post here). The shade is called Ornate and I thought it would be a great excuse to pull out my current favourite MoYou plate from the Fashionista collection. The plate is covered in fancy baroque designs – all undoubtedly very ornate! Read more

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    31DC2015: Violet Nails with Lightning Flashes

    I always assume that Day 6’s Violet Nails have to be somewhere on the purple colour scale so I’ve gone right ahead and thrown in a few different shades, including one that’s actually called ‘Violet’ just for good measure! I think I feel a skittle mani coming on for Day 7 of the challenge. It’s been a long time since I went for a complete skittle (normally playing it safe with a few accents) but the more I look at this mani, the more I think it could have been even more awesome if I’d thrown in a few different designs.

    The Nails

    I used OPI Kiss Me – Or Elf! as the fuschia base colour, then topped with a thin coat of Glisten & Glow HK Girl. I used NailVinyls Lightning Bolts and painted over with Kiko Gel Effect in Violet.

    The glitter nails are two coats of piCture pOlish Lollipop over the Kiko Violet.

    It’s all topped off with two coats of HK Girl to smooth things over.