Real Marble Nail Art Tutorial (With a Stamper)

White Marble Nail Art Tutorial

Did you hear? Minimalism and marble are totally in right now and, let me tell you… I’ve been comfortably seated on that bandwagon for a while!

I spent a while last year trying to figure out a way to create the marble effect on nails that was simple, didn’t require too many tools and wasn’t freehanding. Of course, marble is one of mother nature’s creations so I had in mind something that didn’t look too thought out; a little messy and unpredictable but with that certain understated elegance. Eventually I found this solution using nothing but a nail stamper, a smooth surface, and a toothpick.

Now before you try this for yourself, I need you to accept that it probably won’t work out quite right the first few times. Just a fair heads up!
BUT… if you aren’t happy with your first try, you can stamp over it a few more times without having to remove everything and start again #lazygirlwin

There’s a lot of trial and error involved and it will take a lot of practice to get consistent results. I still haven’t quite mastered it but I plan on putting in the hours so I eventually will.

If you like the effect, but aren’t one for white nails, you can always experiment with different colour combinations, invert the colours for a black marble effect or mix in something metallic for a more luxe look.

Items Used

White Nail Polish | Barry M Cotton
Liquid Latex decanted into an Empty Nail Polish Bottle
Grey Nail Polish | Nails Inc Hyde Park Place
Black Nail Polish | W7 Black
Clear Jelly Stamper | From Born Pretty Store
Top Coat | Glisten & Glow HK Girl
Acetone and a small brush to clean up

Tag #looknailasaurus on Instagram if you try this real marble nail art tutorial out for yourself. I can’t wait to see what variations you come up with, and if you can improve on my technique, even better! Please let me in on your secrets!

  • Kyong Lee

    Cool! I really like this method.

  • It looks really good!

  • Yes – totally a Sammy solution!! It’s now filed in my “to do list”. Your results are fantastic – love this look!

  • Milana Troshchenkova

    wow I love this method! thank you so much for sharing – definitely going to try this!


  • This method looks quite fun, and your result is gorgeous! I have to try it 🙂

  • Deb

    Absolutely love this marble nailart! Thanks for the tutorial, you have finally convinced me to buy a clear stamper!

  • It looks really good and I love the colors! So pretty!



  • This looks really awesome and soooo realistic. I will give it a try.

  • purple_rain

    Love this! Will definitely have to try it.

  • I think these are the best ones I’ve seen! Might have to try them out again with this method!

  • I love this!! You make it look so easy…

    Jess xo

  • This looks so cool! I love the color combination too 🙂

    Allegra xx

  • ooohh much better than using water!

  • Wow this looks so gorgeous!

  • Myishia S.

    Really cool and clever effect! I never would have thought that you used a stamper to create this look.

  • Cool! I’m going to try it soon, thank you!

  • Pretty Nails 4ever

    I love marble nails they are so pretty


  • Molly Lilienthal

    what is the base coat you used with this ?

  • Fran Haines

    Nice, I really loved following this tutorial.