Watercolour Gradient Video Tutorial

As promised, here is a video tutorial for the Life’s a Beach / Watercolour Gradient nail art I posted a while back. See that post here! If you’re wondering why I’ve suddenly gone crazy for video tutorials, it’s because I have enough time to create them these days and I’m really enjoying building on my video skills. I’ve always wanted to make great video tutorials but often doubted my abilities to create them the way I envisioned them. This year, I finally got a good video kit sorted out and the only thing holding me back was self-doubt about my filming and editing skills. You may remember that, in March, I finally decided that ‘Done Is Better Than Perfect’ (I even have it hanging on my wall to remember) and the first thing on my ‘get done’ list was videos. It also seems that video is becoming an almost essential component of blogging as audiences move towards YouTube for answers and I thought it would be best to jump on that train before it disappears over the horizon!

I really like this new way of doing gradients to make them to look a bit more streaky and raw! It looks perfect in blue as it has a really watery look about it but I’m looking forward to trying it in other colour schemes too.