31DC2013 Day 14: Flowers

Today is the first time all week that I’ve had time to really sit down and dedicate a lot of time to a manicure and it felt goooood! I miss having the time to focus on these more detailed, fun manicures and I know you guys like to see them just as much as I like doing them.
A little while back I found myself in a Cath Kidston store and I just wanted everything on my nails so when I sat down to paint my nails today, that experience came back to me and I went straight to the Cath Kidston website. I spent a bit of time browsing the website for a pattern that was clean, simple and eye catching and decided on Provence Rose.
Cath Kidston Provence Rose Nail Art

Cath Kidston Provence Rose Nail Art
I started with a base coat of Barry M White and let that dry before moving on to the art.
I started by painting on the shapes of the flowers using a nail art brush and Collection Think Pink. I added a bit of detail to the flowers using Rimmel Heart on Fire and painted on some leaves with NYC High Line Green.
Next I took NYC Raindrop and freehanded the scalloped line around the flowers then filled in the blue sections by whatever means necessary! I used a combination of the brush straight from the bottle and a few different nail art brushes in order to get it smooth.
I added on the little spots using a dotting tool.
I finished it off with two coats of No 7 Stay Perfect Top Coat.
Photo credit: cathkidston.com
Cath Kidston Provence Rose Nail Art

Cath Kidston Provence Rose Nail Art
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