Pastel Waterfall

Before Google Reader closed down I imported all my subscriptions in to Bloglovin’ and yesterday I finally got round to sitting down and looking through every single blog I’ve followed over the last three years. I lost track of time but I know it took at least 2 hours! I must have unfollowed hundreds of blogs – just the ones that haven’t posted for 2 months or longer, some hadn’t even posted since 2011 – and I got a bit nostalgic whenever I came across a blog that I once loved but is now retired. I even shed a tear when I read Gilded Nails’ last post and it made me realise how lucky I am that I’ve been able to continue blogging all this time.
Anyway, enough of the soppy stuff! The point is that I’m so glad to have an organised dash where I can now start to really keep up with my favourite blogs and hopefully plenty of new ones!
I’m still loving pastels and I find myself reaching for them constantly. There is a waterfall in here somewhere but I used pastel colours and the look is very subtle!

My base colours are NYC Raindrop and Lavender Cupcake. For the waterfall design, I used Sally Hansen Green Tea, Models Own Utopia, Barry M Lychee, Essie Bikini So Teeny and the two base colours (tutorial here). The green studs are from Born Pretty Store and you can now get them in a wheel with a range of colours and square ones in the mix too. It’s all finished off with No7 Stay Perfect Top Coat.