Barry M Blue Plum with Studs

Another cheeky nail art post today. Can you tell I’m procrastinating with these Barry M Gelly swatches?!

So many people are doing the 31 Day Challenge and it’s making me really want to hop on the bandwagon and do it all over again. Even though I nearly went crazy when I did it last time! The only thing I’m worried about is that I won’t have enough time to create the nails and post regularly, but I suppose I can just work my way through it if and when I can. I’m just spilling my brain produce all over the keypad right here but you follow me right? Let me know what you think, should I put myself through that again? After all, it did force me to come up with some kick ass manis!

The base colour is two coats of Barry M Blue Plum*. The name choice is odd as I don’t see a single hint of plum in this polish. Anyway, more to come on that when I get round to posting the swatches!
The studs I used are from Born Pretty Store and I attached them following this tutorial.
Finally, I finished it with one coat of Essence Better Than Gel top coat.

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