Stud Up! Day 1: Just The Tips

Roll up, roll up and welcome to my third theme week, STUD UP! The theme this time around is, as you may have guessed by now, ‘Studs’. I just can’t get enough of the things recently. 
My personal style is moving through a rock chick phase which means everything I wear is dark and adorned with skulls, studs and crosses so you can expect the same kind of thing from my manicures this week. I say ‘week’ but it may be a little longer if I have to miss a day for whatever reason, but there will be 7 designs total.
I got these studs in the mail this week from Born Pretty Store and as soon as I opened the packet, a flurry of ideas shot through my head and I knew I had to commit a week of nails to them. The only other ‘stud like’ material I have is bullion but I promise I won’t make it too repetitive for you guys!
I used A-England Lancelot as a base (my go-to red-black) and 1.5mm studs from Born Pretty Store. Finished off with a coat of NYC In A New York Minute.