Halloween Patchwork Nail Art

With Halloween coming up I’ve been racking my brain for nail art ideas so I plucked the spookiest colours I own out of my stash and decided on a patchwork design. This is one of those designs that’s quite versatile and is completely changed by the colour selection. Imagine it in pastel colours with white stitching and tell me it wouldn’t be perfect wear for a baby shower!

I used Essie Fear and Desire as my base colour and then freehanded on the colour blocks using a nail art brush with Sally Hansen Grass Slipper and Models Own Pukka Purple. If you’re not very confident with a brush, you could also use scotch tape to section off the squares and paint in the colour before peeling the tape away.

For the stitching detail, I used Black Acrylic Paint and a nail art brush. I started by outlining the blocks of colour and then adding the little stitches.

It’s all topped off with a coat of Color Club Top Coat.

P.S. I did a tutorial for bloody drips, another look perfect for Halloween, over at Divine Caroline this week. See the full post here.