Fiery Waterfall

So it seems you guys like the waterfall mani as much as I do! Thank you for letting me know your amazing ideas for colours. I’ve noted them all down and will be trying them out asap!
The weather today has been insane. I’ve spent half the day moving around at quarter speed and the other half laid down completely still with a fan pointed at me trying to cool off! I’m really not one for this scorching heat… when it gets to May I’m always like, ‘Hmmm this isn’t too bad. Maybe I like summer now’, but as soon as July hits I remember the torture and start counting down the days to October!

For this nail art I used Sally Hansen Crinolin, a super pale pink, as my base colour then painted on streaks of Barry M Papaya, Essie Lollipop, NYC Lexington Yellow and NYC Full Metal Jacket.
I topped it with two coats of No7 Stay Perfect Top Coat.