Tuesday, 6 November 2012

31DC2012: Day 16 Tribal Print Nails

Day 16 of the 31 Day Challenge calls for Tribal Nails. I love tribal nails but they take a hell of a long time to do! So I copped out and cooked up some glitter sandwiches on a few of my fingers when it was getting too close to bed time.

I have a confession to make. Last week I cut my cuticles. I really couldn't tell you why, I had the clippers in front of me so I just did it. It was one of those decisions I regretted almost instantly, like while I was still sat there cutting away at my fingers, and yet I still couldn't stop doing it. I am never going to cut my cuticles again.
There's not really a bottom line to this story, I just thought it was something noteworthy to write down on my nail blog! I've always been an advocate of moisturise and push and since my bad decision last week, I feel stronger than ever about it. My favourite post about cuticle care is still this one from Lacquerized's archive. Perhaps it's time I finally wrote my own.

I used three coats of Deborah Lippmann Fashion* as my base colour. The colours in the tribal patterns are NYC Water Street Blue*, MUA Shade 23 and Black Acrylic Paint. I used a small striping brush to paint the details. 
The studs are from Born Pretty Store (SA5X31 to get 10% off).
The glitter is JENsations Bubble Gum with a coat of OPI Samoan Sand over the top to create a sandwich.
I finished it all off with two coats of Seche Vite.



  1. this is genuinely awesome! love the colours as well, great job:D

  2. The glitter sandwich is my favorite part.

  3. really amazing! i am a bad bad person and i often cut my cuticles. i have a little bit of OCD and i pick at my lips and cuticles. though i reallly try hard to stick to the moisturize and push method

  4. I used to pick at my cuticles all the time and one day I saw these cuticle clippers and bought them with the intention of properly cutting them so as to not be tempted to pick at them constantly. That was the last day I obsessively picked at my cuticles and have yet to use those clippers. Reverse psyched myself.

  5. Great work, it looks good because not all your nails have the tribal print.

  6. Soooo pretty! I love the glitter sandwiches too amazinggg :)

    Jazz x

  7. Love! The colors are great and original. I'm a sucker for nudes

  8. when i see/read your blog i always get in the mood to polish my nails :D

  9. I LOVE how your thumb nail turned out! :)

  10. C'est tout simplement magnifique !!! IT S AMAZING

  11. This looks so amazing!! You should do tutorials on youtube. People would go crazy over you! :)


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