I Call It The Whale Tail Nail!

It would seem I have THE worst luck (or lack thereof) when it comes to camcorders. So I had trouble with the first one I was using which lead to me finally sucking it up and buying a new one a few months ago. Well as I was filming the answers for the Q and A today, the battery died and refused to recharge. When I took the cable out of the camera, the jack came with it so I now have a hole in the side of my camera! Hopefully I can return it to the store I got it from since it’s faulty and I’ll be back in the video business. Until then, you can watch the ‘outtakes‘ from the 10 minutes of footage I managed to film before the camera’s untimely death on YouTube here.
This manicure is very similar to the V-Gap manicure but I put a little twist on it (literally), turned it upside down and named it the Whale Tail Nail because rhyming words just sing to me like I’m 10 years old!

I used W7 Black as a base colour and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Brisk Blue which I inexplicably found in a bargain bucket in my local Original Factory Shop. The studs are the 2mm gold squares from Born Pretty Store here. Don’t forget to use my code, SA5X31, for 10% off any order at BornPrettyStore.com!