Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Lady Luck I Need You Now

Jamie Woon - Lady Luck

Plate: Bundle Monster BM21
Base Colour: Barry M Cyan Blue
Stamp Colour: Sally Hansen Amber Chrome
Top Coat of NYC

I'm gonna ask you all for a massive favour today...

You might have heard about the competition that Bundle Monster are running on their Facebook page. Contestants were asked to submit a photo of their nails decorated with Bundle Monster products and the 25 entrants with the most votes from the public will win a set of their new plates.

The picture above is a sneak peek of the mani I entered into the competition. I would really appreciate if you could click over to the competition here or here to take a quick look at my entry and see if you think I'm deserving of your vote. It's a really simple thumbs up system for voting.
You can vote for each entry once per day. So you can bet I'm gonna be nagging you every time I post until the competition is over haha.

Thank You :)


  1. That's an amazing konadicure! Which polish did you use for stamping? It's flawless!

  2. @Manicure Time - I used Sally Hansen Chrome in Amber. I've updated the post now to let you know everything I used :D


  3. Hi Sammy, I love this manicure and have voted for you and will try to remember to vote daily x

  4. OMG LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! This makes me want some BUndle Monster plates SOOO MUCH!

  5. I am so in love! these colors are amazing together!

  6. Oh wow thats pretty fricken awesome....i so want to try stamping.

  7. This has got to be one of the best albums I've heard in quite some time. Normally when I purchase an entire album I find I really like some songs, feel ambivilant about a few, and don't care for one or two. This is one of those albums where I like pretty much every song.

  8. this looks so cool, i had no idea there were nail stamps! i have to try some


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