Introducing my piCture pOlish shade… Fool’s Gold

piCture pOlish Fool's Gold by The Nailasaurus Swatch

piCture pOlish Fool's Gold Swatch
I first knew about this project a little over a year ago but I had to keep it hush! The shade itself has been in the works for almost 9 months so after all that time holding the secret in, I’m so thrilled to be announcing my collaboration shade with piCture pOlish… Fool’s Gold.

My Inspiration

When piCture pOlish asked if I’d like to work on a collaboration shade (like that’s even a question?!?!) I had a few ideas in mind that I’d been storing away in case I ever got the chance to create my own nail polish. In the end I settled on a turquoise with gold glitter. I wanted it to look like flecks of gold as seen through deep, tropical waters and the result is absolutely on point! The blue base is very pigmented but still has a smooth, jelly-like consistency that allows for the gold glitter and shimmer to peek through.

I came up with the name but the ladies at piCture pOlish helped me out with the tagline as my solo efforts were somewhat less than inspired. I think the one we decided on – it’s a keeper… a real treasure –  is really fitting for this polish. I sure think it’s a keeper at least!

Wearing the Polish

As for the polish itself, it has piCture pOlish’s standard 5-free formula and the base leans towards a jelly but is more pigmented than a true jelly. You can quite easily get it opaque with two thick coats or three thin ones – I used three thin coats for this swatch with a top coat. Thanks to the insanely smooth formula, you can even use it as a topper over another polish. So far I’ve discovered it looks great over white and blue. And finally – it’s not gonna stain your nails! I know staining can be an issue with many turquoise and other blue shades so I’m very happy that noone will be suffering because of me.

Fool’s Gold is everything I hoped for and more. It’s a shade that has spent years living in my head so it’s surreal and incredible to see it so perfectly crafted in real life. The team at piCture pOlish got it right on the very first try – they’re truly masters of colour to have created this beauty from nothing but a few pictures and a brief description of the way I envisioned the polish. I think it’s a fresh and unique glitter polish and I really hope that you guys are as blown away as I was when I first laid eyes on it!

Where to Buy piCture pOlish Fool’s Gold

Fool’s Gold is available from and more stockists worldwide.
For my UK girls, you can get it from Sally Magpies and Rainbow Connection.
In the US, your stockists are Llarowe and Color4Nails.
piCture pOlish x The Nailasaurus Fool's Gold Swatch
piCture pOlish // Fool's Gold by The Nailasaurus
Fool's Gold // Blue Glittery Nail Polish
Gold Glitter in Blue Nail Polish // The Nailasaurus

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