And Make it Fast | Fast Food Nail Art

Last night, I got the urge to have a little de-stash which resulted in a two hour sort through of all of my nail polish and nail art supplies. My collection has been knocked down 473 bottles which now occupy 5 Helmer drawers and I feel very cleansed and refreshed! I was at a point where bottles were spilling over on to my desk and filling boxes under the bed which was really frustrating me as I really like for everything to have its place. Also, I really don’t want to end up as the lady on Hoarders who only eats takeaway because her kitchen cupboards are stuffed with 10,000 bottles of nail polish!
It got me wondering how many polishes is ‘normal’ for a hobbyist to have. I asked on Facebook yesterday and answers ranged from 10-1000+ so it seems I’m in the median range. I know I have a modest collection compared to some other nail bloggers but I’d really like to know how many you have and/or how many you think is reasonable! Let me know in the comments.
On to the nail art! These mouth watering water decals are part of Nailed Kit’s June subscription package along with the tribal decals I posted a while back. You have until June 30th to sign up if you want to get your hands on these designs. Of course, I just had to add the golden arches and now I just want to eat McDonalds!
I used Barry M Rose Hip as the base colour for the water decals.
To create the ‘M’, I painted on a base of Catrice Earnie & Birdy (yellow), then freehanded on the red details using Rimmel Heart on Fire with a nail art brush.
It’s all topped with one coat of Glisten & Glow HK Girl and one coat of Rimmel Matte Top Coat.