Incoco Nail Strips Review

Doesn’t it seem like there are way too many names for nail wraps these days?! Decals, appliqués, stickers… the list goes on. Well Incoco‘s offering to the table is their Nail Strips. They have a new collection out just in time for Spring and Summer and I’ve really been blown away by the amazing designs.

The Company

I’ve used Incoco’s Nail Wraps in the past and ever since I first tried them, they’ve been my absolute favourite nail wraps. They apply so easily, the designs are really wearable and on trend, and the website is top notch – it’s so easy to find exactly what you’re looking for or you can just browse around until something catched your eye.

Incoco Nail Strips are ‘made of 100% real nail polish’ with base coat and top coat included so you don’t need anything else for a full manicure. I don’t know how they do it, but I believe it. The strips are very thin and once they’re on the nail, nobody would be able to tell you didn’t paint them on yourself.

The Nail Strips

This particular design is Tea Party from the Garden Daydreams collection. The set comes with 16 strips in 8 sizes so there are plenty of spares if you mess up and leftovers if you don’t!
As I mentioned, they’re crazy easy to apply. They’re thin and flexible so, provided you get the technique right, they stick to every curve of your nail without leaving any unstuck edges or unwanted ridges. However, this also means they’re very fragile so you just have to be careful when you’re handling them. If you get the sticky side stuck to itself, don’t even try to save that strip, just move on to the next one!

After one failed attempt at applying these, I had the technique down. I started by just touching the strip in place at the base of my nail in the middle, then used my index finger to smooth it on in a strip right down the centre of my nail. From there I used my finger again with plenty of pressure to smooth it out towards the edges.
I folded the strip right over my nail edge and left it there for about 2 minutes to really adhere to the nail, then took a file to my nail tip to get rid of the excess. A few quick sweeps and all the excess was gone!

Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to test these out for 14 day wear but I have worn them for 2+ days without a single chip.


I’d recommend Incoco Nail Strips to anybody, whether you’re a nail wrap aficionado or an absolute newbie. These are the best nail wraps I’ve had the honour of testing and the Spring collection is a must see!

Incoco Nail Strips ship worldwide from and are available from various bricks and mortar locations. RRP $8.99.