Halloween Patchwork Nail Art Tutorial

Here’s a tutorial for yesterday’s Halloween themed nail art. I mentioned that I freehanded the design but this time around I created the tutorial using scotch tape as I know straight lines can be hard to master with a brush.

You’ll need:
Orange Nail Polish – Essie Fear and Desire
Purple Nail Polish – Models Own Pukka Purple
Green Nail Polish – Sally Hansen Grass Slipper
Black acrylic paint or nail polish
Scotch Tape
Top coat – preferably fast drying
Start by painting on your base colour and topping it with a thin layer of your top coat. Wait 5-10 minutes, or until the polish is completely dry before moving on.

Place two strips of tape on your nail to mark off your first patch – it can be absolutely any shape but I’ve gone with a triangle.

Paint on your first colour and immediately remove the tape.

Add another thin top coat to make it dry quickly.

Once it’s dry, section off your next patch using tape. This time I’ve gone for a strip straight across my nail.

Just like last time, paint straight over the tape and immediately remove the tape.

Now you’ve got your patches! If you’re a whizz with a nail art brush, you could get to this point without using tape.

For the stitching detail, take a nail art brush and first, outline the patches.

Next, paint on the stitches.

To finish up use a top coat or two and then clean up any mess around your cuticles using a clean-up brush dipped in pure acetone.

And you’re done!
I love to see your manis so if you try this look, don’t forget to tag #looknailasaurus if you post it Instagram or Twitter!


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