Galaxy Nail Art Tutorial

Since you guys loved my Pastel Galaxy Nails so much I thought I’d make a tutorial to show you my process. There are a few different ways to do it but this is my method of choice!

I’m using mostly pastel polishes for this look. From left to right, the pastel polishes I used are Sally Hansen Green Tea, NYC Raindrop, China Glaze Tart-y for the Party and NYC Lexington Yellow.

Next up are the shimmers, Essence Choose Me and Essence Irreplaceable. I think that a bit of sparkle is really important to get the nebula look. Holographic polishes, very fine glitters and shimmery polishes all make great additions to galaxy nails.

NYC Matte Me Crazy is my matte top coat of choice at the moment.

You’ll also need a make-up sponge and a pair of tweezers. And the things I forgot to photograph (doh!)… white nail polish or acrylic paint, a nail art brush and a dotting tool.

Start by painting on your base coat and letting it dry completely.

Tear off a small piece of the sponge and grip it in the tweezers.

I dab out my colours on to a sheet of plastic and dip the sponge in but if you prefer you can paint the polish straight from the bottle on to the sponge. You only need a small amount on the sponge, it’s best to build up the colour than to splat on too much straight away!
Use a fresh piece of sponge for each colour.

Start adding your colours by dabbing the sponge on to your nail in random patterns. I started with NYC Lexington Yellow.
Next up is NYC Raindrop.
And the last creme, China Glaze Tart-y for the Party. I sometimes go through my selection of colours twice to make sure I get a really good mix of them on the nail.

Add just a little bit of shimmer here and there.

I do the shiny stars by painting on a little cross, then joining up all 4 points with a curve.

Using a dotting tool, add some smaller stars of different sizes.

I always use a fast drying top coat to smooth everything over and make the whole thing dry. At the moment my favourite is No7 Stay Perfect Top Coat.
I clean up the messy bits around my cuticles using a nail art brush dipped in acetone.

Finally I added a coat of NYC Matte Me Crazy