Sally Hansen Textured Nail Art Tutorial: Sugar Spun Nail Art

June is the last month for you guys to enter Sally Hansen’s I ♥ Nail Art competition over on their Facebook page so I’m here with some inspiration for this month’s theme… Textured Nail Art! I’ve gone for the sugar spun look because whenever I wear this design, I find myself constantly running my fingers over the textured surface. The process is a bit messy but I think it’s worth it for the finished look!

For this design I’m using Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Mellow Yellow and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Back to the Fuschia. You’ll also need some toothpicks and a top coat. My favourite is Sally Hansen Dries Instantly

Start by painting your nails with Back to the Fuschia and applying a top coat of Dries Instantly. Wait for them all to dry and then move on to the next step.
Lay out a sheet of plastic, baking paper or something similar and make a little puddle of Mellow Yellow. Leave it for a few minutes then start to stir it with a toothpick. You’ll notice it getting thick and stickier but try to keep the consistency regular by working it with the toothpick. When the polish is making strings like you see in the picture, you’re ready to move on.

This is where things get messy and a little more tricky! Get a little blob of Mellow Yellow on the end of your toothpick and dab it on the skin at one side of your nail, then quickly move it over to the other side stretching the polish as you go. 
You could use a product like Liquid Palisade around your nails before you start to make cleaning up the mess a little easier.

Once you’re happy with your sugar, wait for it to dry completely.

Using a small nail art brush dipped in acetone, clean up around the edges of your nails. I choose not to apply a top coat on top of the design to keep as much texture as possible.

All done! Don’t forget to enter your own Textured Nail Art looks in to Sally Hansen’s I ♥ Nail Art competition on Facebook for the chance to win $500 and a trip to NYC!