Life’s Like a Box of Chocolates

… you never know what you’re gonna get! 
I’ve never tried sugar spun nail art before but I wanted to give it a go this week and Forrest Gump served for the perfect inspiration. I wanted to create the look of fancy boxed chocolates and I think the sugar spun technique was the right way to go.  I had to add the foil heart because it seems to me like you get one of those in every single box of chocolates! 

The colours I used for the chocolate are NYC Midtown Mink, Essie Glamour Purse and Stargazer White. I added a top coat of Essence Better Than Gel Nails to each nail before adding the sugar spun details. You can watch a tutorial for that just here.
On my middle finger I freehanded the heart with NYC Enchanting Fire with a small nail art brush over 2 coats of NYC Midtown Mink.