The Poor Woman’s Velvet Manicure

We probably all remember Ciate’s last great invention, the Caviar Manicure and Imma try really hard not to bang on about those emails and that drama. Well they’re back again with the Velvet Manicure and I’m sure we’re all familiar with Ciate’s MO of taking something that has been done before, packaging it in a pretty bottle with a bow on top and selling it at 9250% the price of the exact same thing bought elsewhere. I actually did the maths on that one! So you won’t be shocked to hear that you can get the Velvet look for a teeny fraction of the price at home.

In all fairness, I watched Ciate’s Velvet Nails tutorial video and it does look like their product is finer and more like a powder than the Flock I bought from Goldleaf Craft Supplies on eBay, but I doubt that anyone will be looking close enough to tell.

I used Models Own Purple Grey as a base colour. For the accent nail, I painted on my second coat of colour and let it dry a little before pressing the Flock on with my fingers. I didn’t get great coverage around the edges and I think that’s because I let it dry for too long so there wasn’t enough wet polish there for the Flock to stick to. I used a Fan Brush to swipe away all the excess, although as you can see, I missed a few bits!

This is Burgundy Flock from Goldleaf Craft Supplies on eBay and it cost me £2.89 including shipping for 75ml/10g.

And here are the maths behind my 9250% claim. It is based on my best guess at how much Velvet comes in the kit as I couldn’t find that information anywhere on the internet! I hope it’s clear enough but to sum up, if you were to purchase 75ml of flock (that I paid £2.89 for) at Ciate price, you’d pay £49.95 for it. Ouch.
*£9.00 is half the full price of the Velvet Manicure kit. 13.5ml is the capacity of a Ciate Bottle, I do not know exactly how much Velvet comes in the kit.