Social Media Nails! Also, who wants to Pin for me?

I mentioned last week that I had started a new job but I didn’t give too much away because, ya know, it’s private and all that. All I will tell you is that it has something to do with social media so these are the nails that I wore to the interview in an attempt to stand out a bit from the the other applicants. I drew the company logo on my other hand but that was too ugly to photograph! As it turned out I got way too shy and didn’t just want to say ‘Hey boss man look at my nails’, even though we discussed this blog and the fact that I do nail art which would have been a perfect segue for me to show him.
I tweeted the nails to him a fews days later anyway and ended up getting the job. Whoopee! It may or may not have been because of the kick-ass nails – who knows?!
I’ve painted social media nails before and the only differences this time are my much shorter nails and Pinterest in the place of Blogger. This leads me to a very exciting little announcement…

I’m looking for some guest pinners for my ‘Nails’ board on Pinterest!

Social Media Nails by The Nailasaurus
Social Media Nails by The Nailasaurus

More pictures (there are a lot!) and details about Pinning are after the jump!

I looove Pinterest and spend a lot of time browsing on there but I suck when it comes to actually pinning great stuff. I already have a ‘Nails’ board on there which is covered in pretty nails, but I want it more covered! Now this could all go awfully wrong but I’m gonna go for it anyway! 
The plan is to add a few guest pinners to the board who can bulk it out and just make it a great board. I’m looking for people who are great at pinning and really know their nails so if you think you’re up to the job and would like to be considered, please follow these instructions:
Email me a with a link to your nail board (contact info here)
Make sure the subject line reads ‘Guest Pinner’
Easy as pie!
Submissions are now closed. Thank you!

I will choose my favourite Pinners as soon as possible and they will all be contacted. I’ll try my best to get back to everyone whether the answer is yes or no but this is a one woman mission so obviously if there are stackloads I won’t be able to. If you haven’t heard back within 2 weeks from today (July 13th), assume you were not selected.
Social Media Nails by The Nailasaurus

Social Media Nails by The Nailasaurus

Social Media Nails by The Nailasaurus