Olympics Nails!

Most of you will have probably seen the opening ceremony by this time and some of you may even be watching live coverage of the 2012 Olympics right now!
I was watching the coverage of the opening ceremony live last night and I felt so patriotic. I’m sure you’ll all agree that it was a fantastical sight to behold, I really wish I could have there! I was tweeting throughout and anyone reading could tell that I was getting a bit too excited! James Bond, Mr Bean and even Her Majesty The Queen made some hilarious appearances. 
As for the games themselves, I normally only ever watch the Gymnastics – I’ve been watching the men’s qualifiers most of the morning and was happy to see Team GB take an early lead there. I might tune in for some field events this year too though and see if anything else can peak my interest. 

Loads more pictures under the cut!

There are too many polishes to list them all but the white base is Barry M White and the gold is Barry M Gold Foil. I used a striping brush for all the freehand details.