Honeycomb Madness

They look like honeycomb and I must be mad to spend so much time placing glitter juuust so on my nails so that all the edges and corners match up! It didn’t actually take as long as you might think though. I need to make a tutorial for these glequins as I’m sure a lot of people are scared of using them because they look so fiddly. If you have the right tools (and by tools I mean toothpicks) and some time to concentrate, they’re actually quite fun to play with!
I keep reaching for Cult Nails polishes recently simply because they’re all stacked next to me on my desk so it requires minimal effort to get hold of a bottle! I really need to get a little rotation system going so that I don’t just use the same polishes week after week and you get to see a bit of variation!

More pictures and details after the jump!

Cult Nails Time Traveller
Gold Glitter/Glequins from Born Pretty Store