Friday, 15 July 2011

'I've had enough trouble for a lifetime' (Harry Potter Nail Art)

How could I not dedicate today's nails to Harry Potter?! I've read all the books and seen all the films so I, like many, will be sad to see the end of the series. I'm not actually sure when I will be seeing the film. I could go on Sunday but I don't like going to the cinema when it's really really busy so I'm tempted to even wait until next week! I know that conviction won't hold up for very long though!

Here's some trivia for you. J.K. Rowling grew up in the area that I live in. I even went to the same high school she did!

Thumb to Pinky: Deathly Hallows, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff.
I used Bundle Monster plate BM20 for the stripes.

When I was checking the house colours (I know them of course, but I wanted to check I was 100% right because it would have been super embarrassing if I used the wrong colours) I found an interesting article about the significance of the colours which you can read here.

Polishes used:
Deathly Hallows - Rimmel Black Satin, white acrylic paint
Houses: Base colour first, stamp colour second
Slytherin - BYS Fern, Collection 2000 Moonlight shine
Ravenclaw - Collection 2000 Unnamed Bronze, NYC Glossies 243B
Gryffindor - La Femme Cherry Red, Sally Hansen Chrome Amber
Hufflepuff - George@ Asda Buttercup Shine, W7 Black



  1. This is awesome!! I have yet to see both Deathly Hallows movies but cant wait to!! Keep up the cute and unique manicures!!

  2. That is an impressive mani! Gotta love Harry Potter ^^ I just can't get through the last book, I don't want it to end ):

  3. Very Cute! I saw that article a few days ago and you're right, it is pretty interesting! That's epic that you went to the same high school as JKR!

  4. Very nice! I loved the books but could never get into the movies. I love your choices for Ravenclaw, which polishes are those?

  5. These look great!!! how did you do the stripes?

  6. I am LOVING all the Harry Potter manis. Your Deathly Hallows look PERFECT!

  7. So cute!!

    <3 ShugaAndSpice

  8. Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you in The Butterfly Award. I don't want to link spam you, so if you're interested, there is a link to my blog on my profile. :)

  9. Did you watch the movie? I am soo sad its over. Nice nail art as a final good bye!


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