Wednesday, 13 October 2010

E.L.F Matte Finisher Review

Here are a few pictures of E.L.F.'s Matte Finisher which recently became available in the UK online store.
I haven't seen any matte top coats in stores here, but when I took place in a swap with another nail blogger in Canada, I got hold of Essie's Matte About You

So... when I saw that E.L.F.'s Matte Finisher was now available in the UK I had to buy it!

I have tested this out this a few times before now, so I can tell you guys my thoughts on day-to-day wear. But first, the pictures...

This colour is Barbara Daly Cardinal - a slightly metallic, fuchsia pink. I chose to swatch with this colour because the change from glossy to matte is nice and obvious.

And here it is with E.L.F's Matte Finisher.
Please note that I used Essie Matte About You on my thumb nail for comparison.
As you can see - the resulting matte finish is great.

Click here for a gif animation of the two pictures.

My Verdict
I think this is a great polish for the price - considering the prices of other similar top coats that are out there.

If you're wearing this for more than a day, you may need to add a fresh coat each day as it begins to go more glossy with wear. It's almost as if it gets buffed back to a shine.

The results are not always consistent - when I wore this finisher over E.L.F's Innocence last week, it did not 'mattify' every nail. You can see below that my forefinger is still sort of glossy.

AND, it has cracked on my little finger which has also happened again since. I think it's just because was a new bottle at the time because it seems to be working fine now.

So if you are looking for a Matte Top Coat on a budget - this is for you. 
It gives a good matte finish and compares well next to Essie Matte About You. Just be sure to shake the bottle well and give it a chance to warm up before you give up on it for cracking or not doing it's job properly!



  1. I wanted to add this to my ELF order but they've sold out and they aren't going to be back in until December! Damn :( Looks like I'll just have to wait! xx

  2. Argh, NO WAY! That's so annoying, I guess I was in there at just the right time then :)


  3. I use China glaze's matte magic as my matte topcoat, but this elf one sounds like a good cheaper alternative. Great review!

  4. I got a china glaze matte topcoat from Sally's beauty. I live in the Highlands of Scotland so I'm pretty sure they'd be available elsewhere.

  5. Have you tried other matte top coats? I've never heard of the cracking issue. Great color you used though.

  6. That is great stuff and I love this purple shade!

  7. I still prefer Essie because of the consistent results - this one's a bit hit and miss sometimes. I've never tried CG Matte Magic but I'm sure it's great!

    Anonymous - I hardly ever go to Sally's and just stick to cheaper brands but I'll have a look in there next time I'm close :)

    Thanks Cristina!! It's one of my favourites :)


  8. Love that shade of polish. So pretty and looks amazing matted. I've never used any ELF products. I have a couple of bottles of matte polishes. I rarely use them. I forget about doing it.

  9. I seem to have gotten lucky about the crackle effect, haven't seen it yet but, got some really odd plasticky bits in mine...
    I tried it over blue but I should really try it over metallic, it looks great! :)

  10. I've linked back to this post in my blog post tonight i hope that's ok?
    Please feel free to get in touch xxx


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