While I Was Gone: 4 Gradients

Gradient Nail Art by The Nailasaurus

Please let me be the first to call myself out on the lack of blog posts coming from this direction over the last month or so. There is no big reason for my extended absence; for one reason or another I just haven’t been feeling it for a while.

I’m still thinking about blogging every single day, multiple times a day… okay basically just all the time. It’s in my bones now and I can’t escape it. The ideas keep on coming but I’m lagging a little on the execution side of things. I’m sure some of you know exactly where I’m coming from with this. Please tell me I’m not alone!

I’ve obviously been keeping myself busy with nail art and snapping pics the whole time though. We all know how much I love a gradient and what’s better than one gradient? Lots of them! I did neglect notekeeping duties on occasion but all the info under the images is correct to the best of my knowledge!

Watercolor Gradient Nail Art

Watercolour Gradient

Barry M Coconut
Sally Hansen Blinding Blue
Sally Hansen Jungle Gem
NYC Statue of Liberty
Gradient Watercolour Tutorial Here

Pink and Grey Gradient Nail Art

Pink and Greydient

China Glaze Pink-ie Promise
Sally Hansen Dorien Gray
Simple Gradient Tutorial Here

Summer Gradient Stamping

Barry M Coconut
Kriston #35
NYC Sunny Manhattan

Uber Chic Beauty Stamping Plate 2-01

Gradient Stamping Tutorial Here

Mint Gradient Nail Art with Studs by The Nailasaurus

Mint Candy

Revlon Minted
Barry M Coconut
1.2mm Silver Studs from Born Pretty Store

Simple Gradient Tutorial Here


I’m back to doing gradients again! In the tutorial I wrote, the sponge I’m using is a bathroom sponge and is quite porous. A lot of other bloggers have been using make-up sponges to create their gradients and many of you lovely lot suggested I try one myself to get a smoother fade and less ‘bumpy’ gradient. It definitely works – make up sponge  > bath sponge for gradient nails!
Holographic Gradient Nail Art

Holographic Gradient Nail Art
I used A-England Princess Tears as a base and then added A-England Bridal Veil to create a gradient following this tutorial.

Holographic Gradient Nail Art

Holographic Gradient Nail Art


Gradient Nails Picture Tutorial

Exciting news today! This blog now resides at thenailasaurus.com! I’ve always wanted my own domain and after two years I finally decided today was the day to fix that. 
For some reason, I had it in my head that it would be complicated and expensive. It wasn’t! I don’t know how it works on other platforms, but it turns out Google will pretty much do it all for you for $12.30 a year. All you have to do is go to your basic settings in dashboard and follow the steps. Easy as pie and just as satisfying!
So yesterday I hinted that I’d be elaborating on the technique I used for my gradient nails. And today, as promised, I’ve written a detailed picture tutorial for you guys. Enjoy!
UPDATE: If you’d prefer to watch the video version, just scroll straight to the bottom of this post!

Before you start, make sure you have everything you need and that it’s easy to reach from wherever you’re sitting. It’s also a good idea to make a quick trip to the bathroom. There’s nothing worse than creating an awesome mani and then ruining it because you didn’t prepare ahead!
The Stuff…
Two colour polishes and a top coat
You can choose colours that compliment or go bold and pick two that clash. Experiment with different combinations and see what works.
Ombre Nails Tutorial
A sponge, a plastic sheet and toothpicks
I bought a big bathroom sponge and I just cut sections off when I need them. The sections don’t have to be perfectly cut, as long as one side is flat it will work. You can use absolutely any sponge – a make-up sponge, washing up sponge or any other kind of sponge you can find.
If you don’t have any of these plastic wallets in the house, raid the kitchen cupboards for some foil or baking paper.

Ombre Nails Tutorial
The Fun Part…
Step 1
Using the lightest of the two colours, paint your nails and wait for it to dry completely.

Ombre Nails Nail Art Tutorial
Step 2
On a flat surface, paint a generous amount of the colours right next to each other on to the plastic. Make sure they’re just about touching at the edges.

Ombre Nails Nail Art Tutorial
Step 3
 Using a toothpick, swirl the two colours together where they meet. The area where they mix will determine the length of the graduation. So if you want a long graduation, mix a bigger section of the colours, if you want less of a fade, just mix them together a tiny bit.

Ombre Nails Nail Art Tutorial
Step 4
Take your sponge and dab it directly down on to the polish a few times.
Ombre Nails Nail Art Tutorial
Step 5
Dab the sponge directly down on to your nail. Keep dabbing lightly and moving it very slightly up and down your nail.
You can repeat this step as many times as you need to. Just make sure each layer is completely dry before sponging again otherwise you will start smudging the underneath layers and ruin the whole thing.

Ombre Nails Nail Art Tutorial
Step 6
Add a topcoat. Or two or three! The sponging makes this mani very bumpy so you may need a couple of topcoats just to even out the surface.

Ombre Nails Nail Art Tutorial
Step 7
Clean up all the excess using a brush dipped in acetone or polish remover. I use a q-tip dipped in remover for the big bits I can reach on my skin, then a small brush in pure acetone as I get closer to my nail and to make a crisp line near the cuticles.

Ombre Nails Nail Art Tutorial
All finished!

Ombre Nails Nail Art Tutorial

Gradient Nail Art Tutorial