The Life-Changing Clear Jelly Stamper in 150 Words or Less

I never thought I would stray from the Konad stamper that I’ve used for 6+years but when these clear jelly stampers appeared on the scene, I just had to satisfy my curiosity and try one for myself.

Of course, my first port of call was Born Pretty Store. They had a few choices and I opted for this white one.

I knew from watching videos of these stampers in action that it would be great for perfectly positioning stamping designs on my nail. But I was unsure whether I’d be able to adapt to the stamp itself as my previous attempts with squishy/jelly stampers haven’t been positive.

I’m glad to report that the clear stamper and I are getting along very well. It’s the stamper I never knew I needed and at least for the meantime, I’ll be using this for all stamping duties!

Get Yours Here:

Born Pretty Store (worldwide shipping, where I got mine!): Clear Jelly Nail Art Stamper, $2.99
Rainbow Connection (UK based for faster shipping): Clear Jelly Stamper, £5.00



The view through the clear stamper