My Must Have Nail Art Brushes

The Nailasaurus | Must Have Nail Art Brushes

Brush Holder from George Home

Even though I have a huge arsenal of nail art brushes that I’ve collected over the years, at the core are a few of my staples that I reach for time and again without even thinking. Finding the perfect nail art brush is not an easy task and you’ll probably go through a few duds before you find the one that’s the perfect length, stiffness and thickness for exactly the task you need it for. To save you a bit of time in your hunt for the best nail brushes out there, here are my absolute favourites.

The Nailasaurus | Favourite Nail Art Brushes

1. The Skinny Striper

It’s in the name – this brush is perfect for designs that contain a lot of lines or geometric shapes. As long as you keep the nail polish / paint you’re working with at a smooth consistency, longer brushes like this practically sweep themselves across the nail. You can’t beat a skinny striper for tribal designs.

Get it… from Winstonia ($3.95)

2. The All-Rounder

This is the brush that I grab when I’m doing a bit of everything. It’s quite skinny so good for small details but the very tips of the bristles are getting a bit raggedy – might be time to replace it soon.

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3. The Thicker One

Just slightly shorter than the striper but a fair bit thicker. I find this one really useful for ‘filling in’ blocks of colour and the dense bristles are great for smoothing over any lumps.

Get it… in my favourite nail brush set from Winstonia ($5.95)

4. The One for Details

The Pure Color #10 is a really popular brush among bloggers and insta-artists alike. You’ve probably seen it before in tutorials and the like. It costs a little more that your standard wooden handled brush but in case you were wondering if it’s worth the investment – it totally is. The brush itself if sturdy and comfortable to hold, the bristles are firm which means the tip holds really well, and I love that it has a lid which is perfect for storing and even travelling.

Get it… from Whatsup Nails ($7.75)

5. The One for Clean-up

I do float between a flat brush, angled brush and stubby pointed brush for clean-up but if I could only use one for the rest of time, it would be the flat one! I just love the way this one glides around my nail bed and leaves me with a perfect manicure. It’s also stiff enough to get under the cuticle area whenever nail polish or glitter bleeds into that area that’s normally so awkward to clean.

(for anyone that doesn’t know, ‘clean-up’ is done at the very end of any manicure by dipping a brush in acetone and running it around the edges of your nail for a perfectly crisp line)

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What are your holy grail nail art brushes?

  • Sony Mansoori

    awesome post …loved reading it. I use the same brush as ur no. 4 too 🙂


  • Really nice post on your must have nail art brushes! I’ll have to look into getting some of them.

  • riya

    The skinny striper type has always been useful in any design i do on my nails. All of them are necessary to have beautiful designs though. Thanks for sharing!

  • N° 4 and 1 are the two I’ll need for the new year because I want something more precise, thinner and easier to control while drawing. N° 5 is my fave too, the square tip is the perfect shape to clean all around with ease 😉
    Thanks for sharing and keep rocking!
    All the best,

  • ctrl + D for this nail art brushes post, thank you sammy 🙂

  • #5? When I discovered a similar one a while back my nail game CHANGED. So simple, so good.

  • Where did you buy the flat clean up brush from please?