Purple Snowflake Nail Art

Snowflake Nail Art

Thought I’d take a minute out to post my Christmas Eve nails which I’m absolutely in love with. I think they were just perfect for today – purple is a kind of festive shade and the glitter certainly ups the merriness factor, but they’re not throwing Christmas in your face!

I’m now faced with the almost impossible decision of what to wear for the big day tomorrow. My nails are bare right now while I mull it over. Just a few of my current options are an all out gold glitterfest, some red with white stamping and a green on white glitter gradient but it’s kind of a big deal and not a decision I want to take lightly! I’m going to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas (for the first time ever!) and keep thinking on it.

For this nail art, I used piCture pOlish LakoDom as the white base.
The glitter nails are two coats of piCture pOlish Lollipop over one of Barry M Plum.
I freehanded the snowflakes using the Pure Color #10 Detail Brush from Whats Up Nails with Barry M Plum and then picked out a few glitter bits from Lollipop to scatter in the leftover space.
It’s all topped with two coats of Glisten & Glow HK Girl.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

The Nailasaurus

piCture pOlish Lollipop

Nailasaurus: Snowflake Nail Art

  • Those purple snowflakes are gorgeous!

  • Brandy Briseno

    Your creativity is always amazing! You did a great job with those snowflakes and I totally thought it was a stamp at first! Lovely!

  • Katie

    Green on white glitter gradient sounds amazing!

  • It’s look amazing. Great job!

  • This is so adorable!!

  • So amazing!

  • Rei Greenstreet

    What a beautiful look! I keep meaning to throw purple in my Christmas looks every year but I forget. I say go for a gold glitter fest. I was going to do some nail art but I figured glitter would be more durable when I’m tearin into my gifts! Merry Christmas Sam!

  • Simply beautiful – love the purple! Looking forward to your Christmas day nails as well.

  • Lovely mani. Love the purple

  • Alesha.

    The Christmas nails are the hardest decision in nail art of the year!

  • Karla Kachadoorian

    Beautiful, I love the shape of your nails, how to you keep the tip short straight and neat

  • chicandshiny.blogspot.com

    This is such a cute, modern take on a snowflake mani!

  • Like it a lot! Merry Christmas!

  • Gorgeous <3

  • This is stunning! I love snowflakes and purple is my favorite so I adore this! Also, HOW have you never watched TNBC?? haha Did you enjoy it?

  • Your purple snowflakes are just perfect!

  • Nyxx

    Soooo amazing! The snowflakes are really great!

  • What a beautiful manicure. 🙂

  • This is beautiful! I love the purple paired with the blue.

  • Kellie Altieri

    these are beautiful! hope you had a festive holiday!

  • These are truly beautiful

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