Reindeer Nail Art Tutorial

Rudolph the Reindeer Nail Art

This reindeer nail art goes way back to 2011 and it’s featured on my nails almost every Christmas since. Somehow I’ve always missed the window of opportunity in the run up to Christmas to create a tutorial for this look but today that’s going to change! Read on for the instructions…


piCture pOlish LakoDom
Essie Glamour Purse
Models Own Brunette Red
Rimmel Rock N Roll
Sally Hansen Cha-ching!
Winstonia Nail Art Brush
+ Top Coat


1. Paint on a white (or light) base colour and let it dry completely.

2. Using your nail art brush, paint on a semi circle at the tip of your nail in a milky brown shade.

3. Paint another semi-circle on top of that one

4. Grab a darker brown and outline each semi-circle separately. Draw on your antlers in the same dark shade.

5. Add some white ovals for eyes and a round nose. You can go with red for Rudolph, or black for his buddies.

6. Add in the final details – small black dots in the eyes and optional glitter on the nose.

When you’re all done, add your favourite top coat to seal it all in!

Easy Reindeer Nail Art Tutorial

Reindeer Nail Art

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