Side Frenchy with Il Etait Un Vernis

Il Etait Un Vernis Live, Love, Laugh

I’ve seen this look around a lot recently and I’m not sure of the proper name but it’s like a french manicure tipped 90 degrees so the curve sit down one edge of your nail instead of along the tip. We all know how much I love a simple yet sophisticated manicure so I couldn’t resist trying it out myself.

I must admit,  I don’t know who did this first to make it take off this year, but I would just like to mention that I posted a ‘Side Frenchy‘ years back (and I’m even linking back to a truly cringe worthy blog post to prove it!) so I call dibs on the name! I actually think ‘Drunk French Manicure’ would be a better name for it. You know, like ‘Go home, French. You’re drunk’ – falling all over the place and sitting there all sideways like that!

You may have seen me Instagram the debut collection from Il Etait Un Vernis with the cute little tote bag it comes in over the weekend. I’m working my way through full swatches of the collection but I just had to add the gold holographic glitter to this mint mani. More info coming soon, but I can tell you now it’s a real winner!

For this nail art, I painted on the glitter – Live, Laugh, Love by Il Etait Un Vernis – using a small nail art brush over a base of Nicole by OPI I Shop Mintage.

Il Etait Un Vernis Live, Love, Laugh

Il Etait Un Vernis Live, Love, Laugh

Il Etait Un Vernis Live, Love, Laugh

Il Etait Un Vernis Live, Love, Laugh

  • This is so gorgeous! Super simple and as you said sophisticated! I love it!

    Jodie //

  • Really beautiful! I love this design!

  • How pretty! Love the simplicity to it too.

  • Pallino Girl / Paola

    If I’m not mistaken, this year they’re calling it “floating french”…. but drunk french sounds much better, LOL!

  • Really nice!!!

  • Jessica Lankford

    I have the absolute NEED to recreate this mani tonight.

  • Patatina069

    Really pretty love it!!

  • Cindi

    Beautiful! Simple yet elegant.

  • Lesley X

    So simple but so gorgeous. Love it x

  • Annette H

    You really do rock the simple but incredibly effective mani. Which is amazing when you consider how good your freehand skills are. This is just another classic Sammi mani!

  • Oooh! I love that combi with the glitter! I would love to use more glitter with my nail art… If only it was such a pain in the you-know-what to take off!

  • That’s beautiful! You make it look effortless.

  • Gorgeous <3

  • So cute! Love this new brand. I tried this same look in bright pink, maybe I’ll get around to post it soon.

  • Ida

    OMG, I love this mani!

  • Just gorgeous!

  • Drunk French, yes I’m voting for that name. If I ever do something like it I’m definitely calling it a Drunk French Mani.

  • Guest

    This is such a beautiful design I’m trying to grow my nails and try new nail designs so your blog is really helping me thank you

  • Susannah Lee Myers

    Drunk French! And that’s gorgeous; I love that shade of mint. I think you must have different N.O.P.I. colors in the UK.

  • Jana Horn

    This is amazingly beauytful! I am so going to recreate this – crediting you of course!

  • When I saw the name of this in my inbox, “Drunk French Manicure”, I said the exact same thing out loud.

    Go home, French. You’re drunk!

    I love this look with the glitter. It really elevates the sophistication. 🙂

  • I love this nail art so much!

  • Gina

    What moisturiser do you use on your hands/cuticles? I have started photographing my stamping exploits and the skin around my fingers is a bit dry and scraped, probably doesn’t help that I do my clean up with a pumice stone in the bath :$ yours always look so tidy and healthy!

  • This is so darn beautiful! I just love it!

  • kiki

    So cute:)

  • This looks sublime!

  • spectacular effect, I love glitters and this one is very nice 🙂

  • This is a great combination! 🙂

  • This looks beautiful

  • ooooooh… I like this a lot!!!

  • Laura

    Loving it. It’s the simple things like this that make you go, “Aaahh–why didn’t I think of that!” 😉

  • Annie

    Gorgeous! And the quality of your nail art (and the photos) has really improved compared to that old side frenchy mani you posted! =) I need to try this look.