Freehanded Rose Nail Art Tutorial

Now that summer’s here I’m seeing floral prints everywhere. I’m not one for going all out on prints in my outfit choices but I think a little here and there looks great. I’ve been using these roses as accents in a few of my manis and I had a few requests for a tutorial so today I’m gonna share my method. It’s much simpler than it looks and the results are definitely a stand out.

The stuff you need
A small nail art brush is essential and you’ll need quite a few nail polishes too…
From right ← left
Base colour: BYS Pretty as a Peach
3 colours for the roses: NYC Bubblegum Pink, Rimmel Heart on Fire and Models Own Utopia
A green colour for the leaves: NYC High Line Green
I also use acetone to get my brush super clean between colours. Nail polish remover works too but I find it’s not quite as hardcore at cleaning as the acetone!

Start by painting on your base colour and letting it dry completely.

Paint on some random circles and don’t worry if they aren’t perfectly round. You could even use a large dotting tool for this part.

Take a darker colour and draw some contour lines within each circle.

Next, using a lighter colour, draw on some highlights in the same way. You can skip this step and still get a really nice result.

Add one or two leaves to each flower.

Finally, add a top coat then use a small paintbrush dipped in acetone to clean up around the edges of your nail and you’re all done!


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