Confessing My Love

I love Sally Hansen. It’s true. I only realised it today, but there’s no denying it!
Recently I’ve been finding a lot of Sally Hansen Complete Manicure polishes in Poundland. Yeah, you read that right. That shop where everything is just £1 – it’s the equivalent of a dollar store in the US. Anyways, there are normally only a few good colours on the shelves at any one time so I’ve picked up one or two at a time and now have a total of six bottles and I think it’s my new favourite line of polish.
Today I found two new colours – Fairy Teal, which I first fell in love with years ago when I saw it on a blog that I unfortunately can’t remember the name of anymore, and Green Tea which is the perfect mint creme that I’ve been searching for all these years. Ladies, if you’re in the UK, you need to go to Poundland. Now. Like, yesterday!
In order to fully express my love for this brand, however fleeting it may be, today’s mani was created with nothing but SH polishes.

I used Sally Hansen’s Green Tea and Bamboo Base Coat. Then I applied two coats of Gilded Lily* as my base colour and applied one coat of Insta-Dri*.
Next, one nail at a time, I placed small strips of striping tape where I wanted to keep the golden base coat visible. I did this using some nail art tweezers – it’s way too fiddly to do it precisely using just your fingers. I applied Green Tea and Fairy Teal over the striping tape and peeled off the strips while the polish was still wet. Finally, I topped it off with two coats of Insta-Dri, which I would definitely rate highly as a fast drying top coat.