Christan Dior AW12 Fashion Nail Art Tutorial

Here’s a tutorial for my Day 25 Inspired by Fashion Manicure from this year’s 31 Day Challenge. You can see the original post here with plenty of pictures.
The basics you’ll need are striping tape, black nail polish (or any other colour of your choice) and a top coat.
I’ve also used tweezers, acetone and some nail art brushes but you’ll see more about that below.

Make sure your nails are completely clean. If there’s any oil or dirt on your nails, the tape will have a hard time sticking properly. 
You can use a base coat or colour if you like but I did the design straight on to my bare nails. If you are going to apply any polish make sure it’s completely dry before you apply any tape.

Place strips of striping tape across your nail and double up a few to make thicker lines. I used some tweezers  to help me place the tape exactly where I wanted it. Try to make sure the tape is stuck down all the way to the edges.

One nail at a time, paint on your colour. Try to choose one that only needs one coat to be opaque. I just used one coat of A-England Lancelot. Move swiftly on to the next step.

While the polish is still wet, peel off the tape in one smooth motion from one side to the other.

If there are any patches where the polish got underneath the tape, use a nail art brush dipped in acetone to remove the unwanted bits.

Wait until the polish is completely dry and apply your top coat. I didn’t wait long enough and you can see the smudges!
Use a small paintbrush dipped in acetone to clean up around the edges and there you go!