31DC2012: Day 21 Inspired by a Color

Day 20 of the challenge is a bit late. This is definitely the strangest day of the challenge, a color is a very simple thing to find inspiration in so I kind of got lazy and just went for a purple ombre. So I guess you could say I was kind of inspired by purple?! I’ve never actually done an ombre manicure before and I really struggled to find the right colours for this one.
Stop by Let Them Have Polish and Nails and Noms for some pretty manis!

The colours used from thumb to pinky are:
Sally Hansen Plum Night
Cult Nails Vicious
E.L.F. Purple Pleaser
Color Club Pucci-Licious
Sally Hansen No Hard Feelings
I topped it off with a top coat of Seche Vite. My first bottle is starting to get thick and I can see the shrinkage problem starting to take hold!