31DC2012: Day 8 Metallic Nails

Day 8 of the 31 Day Challenge calls for Metallic Nails and what’s more metallic than actual metal?! The gold stuff you see on my nails is this very interesting Nail Art Foil* from Born Pretty Store. It comes in sheets scrunched up in to little pots and it’s so light and thin that it’s barely even there. I just used a pair of tweezers to tear the foil up in to little pieces and place it on to my nails and I love the outcome. Since I don’t think I’ll be shedding out up to £30 for The Man With The Golden Gun any time soon, this is a great $6 alternative!

I used Cult Nails Vicious as my base colour. I painted one coat and then, one nail at a time, added a second coat and attached the foil while it was still tacky. I finished up with one coat of Seche Vite but it could have used two just to even out any bumps.

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