YEAH SCIENCE! Breaking Bad Nail Art

Breaking Bad is a series I started watching ages ago but I only saw the first few episodes before I was distracted by something else. Well I picked it up again yesterday and have been watching back to back episodes since! A few episodes in to my Sunday afternoon marathon, I decided I had to dedicate some nail art to Walt and Jesse.

The Radioactive and Biohazard symbols don’t fit perfectly in to the theme but when I posted these yellow nails way back when, someone said they looked like Breaking Bad Nails. So I thought I’d slip them in there today.

I used BYS Fern as the base colour on my first and middle fingers, then painted on the frame and lettering with white acrylic paint and a striping brush (pictured).
I painted a base of Barry M White on to all the other nails before adding Collection 2000 Sherbet Lemons for the yellow and H+M New Moon for the ‘crystals’ (unfortunately I don’t have a blue flakie!). The black details are acrylic paint, again with the striping brush.
If you’re wondering what the nonsense on my ring finger is, it’s the 2D structure of Methamphetamine according to Wikipedia, so if there are any chemists reading and I got it wrong, go easy on me!