Saturday, 31 March 2012

You Win or You Die (Game Of Thrones Nail Art)

So it's finally here! Game of Thrones is back on our TV screens tomorrow and I'm so excited, although I have to wait until Monday to see it here in the UK. Boo!
I originally planned to do something with the great houses' sigils but that proved to be very tricky so I went with their mottos instead! 

Left to right:
House Baratheon 'Ours is the Fury'
House Targaryen 'Fire and Blood'
House Stark 'Winter is Coming'
House Lannister 'Hear Me Roar'



  1. love your handwriting! especially how you managed to write them so perfectly and neatly on your nails <3

  2. Hey that's really something else! It must be really difficult drawing that small, but I think you pulled it off really good!

  3. omg, how did you manage to write it on nails 0_0
    thumbs up, love it *.*
    i can hardly wait to see the new season, especially because some of it was filmed in croatia ;-D

  4. aww this is so good!
    here is my a song of ice and fire inpired manicure;


  5. this is awesome!!! seriously must have taken a lot of time and patience to write on your nails! looks great!

  6. I love this!!! :D Those books and the show are awesome! :D

  7. So little time left till episode one \0_0/ I really like your nail art on this one

  8. Freakin' awesome! I am soooo excited for GoT tomorrow!

  9. These are spectacular! I'm counting down the hours until GoT! I'm so nervous due to the new 'slogan' "Anyone can be killed". I want to read the books, but I also want to be shocked at the show - such a catch 22!

  10. Wow, I wish I'd have the skills to write on my nails! It looks really pretty. I also made a GoT-inspired nail art, which will be online later today on my blog. I did the house sigils (Stark and Lannister) from the book on my thumbs =)

  11. Loving this! Reading Book 5 now, and looking forward to Season 2 of the TV show!

  12. Sam, this is the first time I comment here, but I see your blog every day, for more than a year. This time I needed to say Wow!! You´re really an artist!! How can you write so small and so perfect??!! Contratulations :)

  13. OMG, I loved! and I also loved your blog, the nails are awesome!
    I'm reading the book 4 and I think GoT is the best TV show nowadays!
    kisses from Brazil! :D


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