Party of 5 Glitters? Happy Birthday? Or just a Carnival?

When I spotted this polish yesterday I immediately thought of Deborah Lippmann’s Happy Birthday. It’s a close match and could easily pass for HB from a distance but I’d put it closer to Wet N Wild Party of 5 Glitters. Cris has a great comparison post here where she goes in to all kinds of crazy detail about the glitter.
It’s not really a polish I would normally pick for myself but I was convinced it was a dupe of a £15 bottle of polish for only £1 so I splurged (or not) and picked it up anyway. I’m actually surprised to find myself really liking this polish even though I wouldn’t normally touch multicoloured anything with a ten foot pole!
By the way the polish is called Carnival from a brand called Technic and I found it in The Original Factory Shop but I’ve also seen the brand in Bodycare.
I used Rimmel Grey Matter as a base colour and a sponge to apply Technic Carnival to the tips. I finished with a few coats of NYC In A New York Minute to glaze it.