Nebula Nails… Take Two

I posted my first set of Nebula Nails all the way back in February [here] and I decided yesterday that I wanted to give them another shot. This look is still really popular and so easy to do. You just cannot get them wrong!

I think I may have gone a bit overboard with these though. There are crazy colours and some irrational sponging involved. But as I said, they just work, and somehow always will as long as you have a sponge and some glitter!

Here are the polishes I used clockwise from top middle:
W7 – Purple Paradise
E.L.F – Twinkle
GOSH – Holographic
George @ Asda – Buttercup Shine
Collection 2000 Hot Looks – Dynasty
George @ Asda – Cloudless Sky
Wet N Wild – White