Welcome to the last day of my Week of Geek and thank you so much if you are still with me! I want to say thanks to everyone that has taken the time to read and comment this week, it means a lot. I really didn’t know how the idea would be received so I’m really happy to see that you are all fellow dorks like me!

As I said yesterday, I still have loads of ideas so I’ll be posting a lot of manis like this in the future. It seems I’ve opened a can of worms because new ideas are hitting me every day.
Pinky to thumb: Chewbacca (could pass for an Ewok!), Lightsabers, Darth Vader, R2-D2, Rebel Alliance logo.
I used (mainly):
Barry M – Mushroom
Barry M – Raspberry
Collection 2000 – Moonlight Shine
Collection 2000 – White
No7 – Poolside Blue
W7 – Black

If I’m any kind of nerd, it’s a computer nerd. And if there’s one thing I love about computers, it’s the internet.
Today’s nails are dedicated to the Social Media sites that I use, although I don’t know if they actually qualify as geeky? Since I started blogging, social media has become part of my daily life. I honestly get twitchy if I go too long without checking at least my email inbox and I’m a total YouTube addict. Shaytards, anyone?!

I’m sad to be coming to the end of my Week of Geek. I’ve had so much fun thinking up these designs and I still have plenty of ideas so, fear not, I’ll be running them off every now and then whenever I have the time to do them.

Social Media Nail Art
Pinky to thumb: Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Youtube
The orange I used for the blogger logo bled like a bish but it’s the only orange polish I own! Obviously the ‘B’ in the middle is supposed to be white but that just wasn’t happening, even after I went over it THREE TIMES!
Social Media Nail Art
Social Media Nail Art

I used:

Collection 2000 – White (a really old one) as a base for all the nails.
Tumblr: A mix of Barry M – Cyan Blue and BYS – La Di Da.
Twitter: George – Cloudless Sky
Facebook: No7 – Poolside Blue. Stargazer – White.
Blogger: Jay Jays  – Ablaze. Stargazer – White.
YouTube: Barry M – Raspberry. Stargazer – White. W7 – Black.


I don’t know how familiar American readers will be with Doctor Who but here in the UK pretty much everyone is aware of it. It’s been running on the BBC since 1963 which makes it the longest running Sci-Fi series in the world and you could definitely tag it with ‘cult favourite’. Since 2005 they’ve been filming it in the city where I go to Uni and live for most of the year but so far I haven’t spotted them filming anywhere. 
However, they filmed a bit for BBC’s Sherlock in the University when I was driving past with friends one night and stopped to get a closer look. A security guy came up to the car and we asked what was going on, when he said they were filming, I blurted out ‘IS IT DOCTOR WHO?’. It wasn’t! 
AND I walked right through the set of Killer Elite last summer. If I knew Jason Statham and Robert De Niro were in the area I would have stuck around a while.
10 nerd points go to the first person to tell me what TARDIS stands for. No cheating please!
Pinky to thumb: ‘Nebula nail‘, the TARDIS, Dalek, ‘Nebula nail’, Doctor Who logo.

I used: 
George – Bloom as a base for all the nails. Collection 2000 – Moonlight Shine for all the outlines. BYS – Glittering Purple, Gosh – Holographic and Models Own – Juicy Jules for the Nebula Nails.

I can remember watching Star Trek: The Next Generation with my Dad all the time when I was little but I never really knew what was going on! I had to do a bit of wikipedia-ing for this mani to make sure I got all the colours and badges right. The uniforms and insignia are all (mostly) based on The Original Series.
Pinky to thumb: Science and medical, engineering and security, command and helm, ST for Star Trek, Vulcan Salute.

I used:
Uniforms: No7 – Poolside Blue, Barry M – Raspberry, Mixture of BYS – Astro Gold and Go – Shade 04.
Collection 2000 – Moonlight Shine. W7 Black.
ST: George – Mysterious. Gosh – Holographic. BYS – Metallic Fuschia. Collection 2000 – Gold.
Vulcan Salute: No7 – Betty Blues. Collection 2000 – Moonlight Shine.

Maybe it’s not credible to like Transformers since it’s now a multi million dollar franchise but I really like the films. Robot fighting, explosions and amazing CGI, what’s not to love?! I saw the third film yesterday. The 3D is stunning and the action sequences are much better than in the last two films because you can actually see them Transforming instead of it being a blur of metal and camera cuts. It’s very long and it kind of drags towards the end but it still gets a thumbs up from me!
I posted a picture of these nails incomplete on Twitter to see if anyone could guess the theme and Jenni said that she saw Darth Vader in there and she is so right. Check out the middle picture and tell me that an upside down Autobots logo doesn’t look like Darth Vader’s mask!
Pinky to thumb: ‘T’ for Transformers, Bumblebee colours, Autobots logo, Optimus Prime colours, Decepticons logo.
I used:
W7 – Black, Collection 2000 – Moonlight Shine, NYC Glossies – 243B, George – Natural White (under the yellow), Go – Shade 4, George – Scarlet Kiss.

Today’s geeky nails are Pokeballs! I have to stress that this is not my original idea, I saw these somewhere on the internet but it wasn’t on a blog. If anyone knows the origin of this design, please drop a link so I can credit the person that thought up this amazing piece of nail art. I like giving credit where credit’s due and I think there is definitely some deserved here!

I used:
George – Natural White, NYC Nail Glossies – 223, W7 – Black, Stargazer – White. Also scotch tape and a dotting tool.

Hello everyone and welcome to the Week of Geek!
I do not profess myself to be a real geek but I have some geeky tendencies. I’m always making a fool out of myself by making obscure sci-fi references in a room full of people that have never even seen Star Wars and I can easily spend a whole evening reading Marvelpedia. So I decided to dedicate a week of Nail Art to geeky stuff.
I’ll start the week with some Marvel inspired nail art. I’ve tried to stay true to the comics as much as possible by using some of the iconic imagery related to each character. From pinky to thumb, the heroes are; Spiderman, Hulk, Wolverine, Iron Man and Captain America. 
Iron Man is definitely my favourite nail. It took freakin ages but I still wish I’d done a while hand of just his face!
It’s all freehanded except for the star in Captain America’s shield which I stamped from Bundle Monster plate BM05 and then painted over.

Here is every single polish I used:
Spiderman: George – Bloom and Scarlet Kiss. Stargazer – White under the red.
Hulk: Collection 2000 Hot Looks – Martian and BYS – Fern mixed for the base. Rimmel – Blue My Mind for the shorts.  La Femme – Grey Cream for the muscles.
Wolverine: George – Natural White as a base. Go – Shade 04. Barry M Cyan Blue. W7 – Black. Collection 2000 – Moonlight Shine.
Iron Man: George – Natural White as a base. Go – Shade 04. George – Scarlet Kiss. W7 Black. Collection 2000 – Moonlight Shine. La Femme – Grey Cream.
Captain America: Barry M – Cyan Blue and George – Bloom mixed together for the base. Stargazer – White for the star and ring. George – Scarlet Kiss for the rings.