You can do some amazing stuff with striping tape but it can be tricky to work with! I’ve been doing a lot of striping manicures recently so I thought I’d pass on a few tricks I’ve picked up in the process. You do need a healthy dose of patience and a steady hand but with a bit of practice, I think anyone can do it and the possibilities are literally endless.
Striping tape is crazy cheap and you can buy it from any number of places online. I find the cheapest place to purchase is eBay, just search for ‘striping tape’ and you’ll get thousands of results. Obviously it’s cheaper if you don’t mind waiting a few weeks for delivery from China but even if you buy domestic, it’s still cheap!

You’ll need at least two nail polishes (mine are Tiger Lily from Primark and China Glaze Pink-ie Promise), a top coat, some tweezers, striping tape and a pair of scissors.
Start by painting your base colour and making sure it’s completely dry before moving on the next step. I normally use a quick drying top coat (like Seche Vite) to speed up the process.
Snip small sections off the roll of striping tape to use on your nails. I do this by hanging a long length of it from my desk lamp, then gripping the end with my tweezers and snipping off about 1-2cm at a time.

I always use tweezers to handle the striping tape which make it soooo much easier! I honestly don’t think I’d ever approach a striping manicure unless I was armed with a pair of tweezers.
I have these pointy ones which are great for nail art but regular tweezers will work too. You can buy the pointy ones on Amazon in the US and UK.

Place the tape in your pattern of choice on your nails and make sure it’s smoothed down right to the edges or nail polish will seep underneath. Most importantly, make sure the tape carries on past your nail so you have space to grip and remove it later. 
Try to remember which order you applied them in! You’ll see why later.

Paint your second colour over the top of the tape.

Here comes the tricky bit….
Immediately, while the top colour is still wet, remove the strips in REVERSE order to the way that you put them on so that you can pull each one off without it snagging on anything and potentially ruining all your hard work so far.

Finally, apply a top coat or two and once that’s dry, you can use a small paintbrush dipped in acetone to clean up any mess that’s left on your cuticles.
Like I said, the possibilities are endless! Just go crazy and see what happens.

So here we are on the very last day of 2013! This year has had a lot of ups and not too many downs for me which is always good. It’s been a great year for The Nailasaurus – this blog was nominated for Cosmo’s Best Established Beauty Blog award for the second year running, I hit 1 million likes on Facebook and to top it all off have an amazing bunch of readers that have stuck around through thick and thin. Life is sweet!

Here’s a round-up of my favourite 13 manicures from 2013 in no particular order. I can never, ever choose just one! This was the year of Striping Tape and Waterfalls and I embraced glitter in a big way! In September, I undertook the 31 Day Challenge for a third time and, as usual, it forced me to create some of my year’s best. In 2014, I want to work on creating more freehand nail art and taking more inspiration from my favourite things. The way I used to do with movies and comics way back when!

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I’ve had an amaaazing response to this week’s giveaway bonanza so far! Thank you so much to everyone that has entered, followed, liked and shared. I know I say this all the time, but I wish I could give every one of you a big hug. If I didn’t have such amazing readers, I probably wouldn’t still be blogging today. THANK YOU!
Today’s giveaway is only open to UK Residents. I thought I’d put that out there now in case you don’t want to waste your time reading the rest of this post!
A lot of you will know the story with Red Angel. They made this set of stamping plates which was very popular among nail art fanatics and growing in popularity until they changed their shipping policy. Now they will only ship to the US so a lot of people that had intentions of buying a set never got the chance. 
I’m very lucky to have a spare set which I’ve been saving for a special occasion such as this and I want to show some love to my fellow Brits by giving you the chance to get your hands on them! Also included in the prize is a set of 10 Striping Tape rolls.

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I’m aware that Red Angel ship exclusively to the United States and there are people in other countries that are also unable to buy these plates, but this giveaway is UK only.