31DC2015: Ornate Nails

Press Sample I’m jumping right back in to the 31 Day Challenge where I left off and Day 21 calls for nails Inspired by a Color. The themes are very open to interpretation from today onwards so for this particular… View Post

31DC2015: NOT a Water Marble

I make no bones about the fact that Water Marbling is my nail art nemesis! Normally for the sake of the challenge, I brave it out and go at it until I get lucky and and up with something that… View Post

31DC2015: Geometric

Base colour: Barry M Coconut Saran Wrap Shades: China Glaze Tart-y for the Party, piCture pOlish Mad Magenta, NYC Sunny Manhattan Chevron Colour: Barry M White Stencils: Nail Mail Chevron Points

31DC2015: Purple Candy Stripes

Striping tape is the oh-so-obvious choice for Day 12 of the Challenge but it’s a classic and I just couldn’t resist. This is another technique that I went through a huge ‘phase’ with a few years ago and I haven’t… View Post

31DC2015: Violet Nails with Lightning Flashes

I always assume that Day 6’s Violet Nails have to be somewhere on the purple colour scale so I’ve gone right ahead and thrown in a few different shades, including one that’s actually called ‘Violet’ just for good measure! I… View Post