Like a lot of you here (you know who you are!), I’m a bit of a meme addict and I’m slowly but surely making my way through Know Your Meme on my nails! 
I kind of cheated with this one by creating a decal rather than freehanding it straight on to my nail.
I started by painting a thin coat of clear polish about 2x2cm on to a sheet of plastic and letting it dry. Then I used acrylic paint with a nail art brush to draw the face. Once it was all dry, I peeled the whole thing away from the plastic and stuck it to my nail using a coat of clear polish and smoothing it down with my finger. Finally I used a brush dipped in acetone to remove the excess at the edges and top coated it.
Unfortunately the result is chock full of air bubbles but they’re not super visible unless you get very very close!
I used Barry M White as my base colour and created the face using the method described above. For the LOL text, I used a nail art brush with Rimmel Heart on Fire.