While I Was Gone: 4 Gradients

Please let me be the first to call myself out on the lack of blog posts coming from this direction over the last month or so. There is no big reason for my extended absence; for one reason or another… View Post

Throwback: Grey Waterfall

Things have quietened down a bit around here and I’m starting to get my blogging spirit back. However there’s still one big, important and exciting project that’s taking most of my brainpower and will be for just a few more… View Post

OPI Fifty Shades of Grey Collection Swatches

Press Sample So you might have heard of this novel turned movie phenomenon, Fifty Shades of Grey? Even if you’re not a fan of E.L. James’ work, OPI have released a collection of shades for all the lacquer lovers out… View Post

31 Day Challenge: Inspired by a Book

So far this year, I’ve been on a YA binge when it comes to books. I’ve read Divergent, The Maze Runner and The Selection trilogies plus almost every John Green Book! Right now I’m reading 50 Shades of Grey so… View Post

Snippet: Matte Metal Stamping

A-England Dorian Gray Barry M Silver Foil MoYou Plate Back to the 80s 03 Sally Hansen Glitz Gal KBShimmer Clearly On Top NYC Matte Me Crazy