Shiny Tips

I’m not really sure where the idea of matte x glossy came from but it’s been at the back of my mind, niggling away, all week. I’ve been playing with different combinations and I really wanted to try it with… View Post

Nautical Nail Tips

I’ve run out of ideas this week so I was gonna do a swatch post today. Then I realised I have absolutely nothing interesting to swatch so I wanted some simple nail art. Whenever I tell myself I’m going to… View Post

Sun Kissed Tips

Summer weather has returned to Britain, but probably for a few days at most, so I thought I’d feature this sunny shade today. I pretty much detest extreme heat, even when it’s caused by sunshine so I’ve opted out of every exotic family… View Post

All That Glitters Is Gold

I know nail art posts have been scarce around here recently but I’m really low on ideas! I’ve mostly been wearing black on my nails because I’m going through a bit of a moody phase haha. Black and gold such… View Post

Classic But Not

Since my Lana Del Rey inspired manicure [here], I’ve been completely obsessed with the combination of nude and red polish. Although I think this mani could have used a bit of bling, I still love it! One more reminder –… View Post