EOTD: FrontCover Moondust Collection

It’s been months since I posted an EOTD but with it being Christmas and me being a beauty obsessed blogger, it was inevitable that I’d pick up some amazing new make-up this week! These pigments are from a gift set that I… View Post

Meet EOTD and NOTD. They’re twins!

I’ve been trying to create a video tutorial for a Smokey Eye look all week after someone requested it on Facebook but it seems like the world is against me on this one. The first time I tried, I just… View Post

EOTD 5: Inspired Soft Summer Pastels

I’m currently catching up on a few episodes of Angry Boys. I really think Chris Lilley is a comedic genius! The humour isn’t to everyone’s taste but I think he does such a good job of making his characters relatable,… View Post


I moved home from University today so everything is all over the place and I don’t know how I’m going to fit two rooms worth of stuff in to just one! It’s incredible, the sheer amount of ‘stuff’ that you… View Post


Thanks for all the links you guys left on yesterday’s post where I asked if anyone knew of any British Nail Bloggers! I’ve put them all together on a separate page and I’ll keep adding as I discover more. Click here to see… View Post