So here we are on the very last day of 2013! This year has had a lot of ups and not too many downs for me which is always good. It’s been a great year for The Nailasaurus – this blog was nominated for Cosmo’s Best Established Beauty Blog award for the second year running, I hit 1 million likes on Facebook and to top it all off have an amazing bunch of readers that have stuck around through thick and thin. Life is sweet!

Here’s a round-up of my favourite 13 manicures from 2013 in no particular order. I can never, ever choose just one! This was the year of Striping Tape and Waterfalls and I embraced glitter in a big way! In September, I undertook the 31 Day Challenge for a third time and, as usual, it forced me to create some of my year’s best. In 2014, I want to work on creating more freehand nail art and taking more inspiration from my favourite things. The way I used to do with movies and comics way back when!

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So I’m sat here trying desperately to some up with an idea for some awesome nail art and I have my new Cult Nails colours on the desk next to me, I’m eyeing them up and browsing the internet pointlessly like I always do and I see that The Amazing Spider-Man is trending on Twitter… *lightbulb* 
The reason for it trending is the 2nd trailer which hit the internet this week after its Super Bowl spot. I watched it first thing this morning which has renewed my excitement for the movie and my love affair with Marvel/Superhero nail art!
I used Cult Nails Quench as a base then freehanded the tips with Cult Nails Time Traveller using a nail art brush. All the details are also freehanded with Barry M Silver Foil and I outlined the eyes with black acrylic paint.